How to sell pencil drawings online

The following are the various ways on how you can sell your pencil drawings online

(1) Source for well known websites that review your drawings and sort potential niche for your drawing.

How to sell pencil drawings online(2) Get a website for your pencil drawings.This helps you in building your own brand and makes you look more professional.You are able to keep the website on your control and your are also free to design it to become exactly the way you want it to be. It makes your drawings stand out among millions of other pencil drawings. You are able to drive traffic to your own website more easily and successfully as compared to when using a collection of satellites. Using your website,it is possible to build a list of people who love your drawings. The good thing with having your site is that the pencil drawings you sell are commission free. You just pay small fee to the company handling your payments.

(3) In all printings and drawings,ensure that you advertise your art website so as to attract more customers.Your business cards,flyers and postcards should contain the main address for your website where people can have access to when buying your drawings.

(4) Join online communities for artists and make use of any websites available for selling your drawings.

(5) Come up with an email newsletter and a list for those people who love your art.This is important so as to regularly inform all interested people about your art and new drawings.

(6) Create an art blog.Blogs are easy to start and use.An art blog increases the sales of your drawings and helps you to grow as an artist.Blogging will also enable you to show your personality. You are able to explain your drawings.It will be possible to link your blog with other blogs and you will be able to track your progress.

(7) Take the best pictures of your pencil drawings and post then on websites and social networks so as as to impress and attract customers.

(8) Team up with other artists who also sell their drawings online.You can join their group blog so as to increase your sales as you interact with them.

(9) Market your pencil drawings by opening a video or photo sharing website such as Youtube or Flickr. These websites gets high traffic volumes everyday forming good markets for your drawings.

(10) Make use of social networks.Take advantage of social networks such as facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Pinterest, twitter and art forums which have greatly attracted many users.Create facebook portals,art accounts and groups where you can be able to access product adverting sites that automatically advertises your drawings. Quote the price and give a list of your drawings features.Since customers are interested on accessibility, availability and affordability of your drawings, mention these in your product description. Pinterest is the best social network especially for artist. It helps you pin your pencil drawings making your friends and other people to quickly see your drawings.

(11) Have an art e-commerce on your existing website.This is very simple and attracts many potential buyers.With e-commerce,you are in a position of advertising your drawings. For more informations click here!

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How to sell pencil drawings online
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